The Case for Local

Why is local data so important?

Customers can’t make a purchase if they can’t connect with the business, let alone if they can’t locate the business in the real world.

Search is getting local

> 50%
Μore than 50% of all mobile searches
have local intent
Searches happening while consumers are on the go.
Users utilizing apps for local searches

Location-related searches lead to purchases

Smartphone users using local search that ended up making a purchase
Tablet users using local search that ended up making a purchase

But location listings are usually wrong, or missing!

Listings missing or have an incorrect address.
Listings missing the web address
Listings missing or have incorrect phone number
Locations that are just not there

Users are too busy, have too many options, and want solution to their needs now. So, the business that serves them better, will be the one that wins them as a customer.

The case for local

Be visible

If a consumer can’t find you, how can you expect them to trust your brand?

Be relevant

When it comes to searching for local info, user behavior varies wildly with the type of info that the user searches

Be correct

It doesn’t matter where users find it, info regarding your business has an immediate effect on you

Be aggressive

Local data is the key to any successful mobile marketing campaign

Be independent

3rd party directories cannot replace owned media