Get your locations in order!

Location data has often evolved over time in an unstructured way and the information is prone to errors and inconsistencies that undermine digital marketing activities and ultimately erode consumer trust.

Updated data, enhanced with useful, enriched content, is a prerequisite in order to run successful local marketing campaigns.

This is where Let’s Place comes to rescue!

Our local marketing automation platform is a must have investment for enterprise brands who understand the importance of digital marketing efforts done right and at scale – whether you have hundreds or thousands of locations, a high growth path, or sophisticated multi-channel campaigns requirements.


Multi location data management

We host and maintain local marketing data for enterprises with hundreds of locations

Data synch with 3rd Parties and Google Maps

Our service automatically formats and exports content to search engines and social networks including Google, Bing, Yahoo!, Facebook, and Foursquare

Local web & mobile landing pages creation

We empower you to create unique local landing pages for every location – to elevate your visibility within search results

Location-based mobile marketing

Send the right message, to the right person at the right place

Proximity Marketing solutions

Welcome your customers to your business and provide them with all necessary information to support their in-store experience