Proximity Marketing solutions

Hyper-local in-store campaigns

Proximity marketing solutions help retailers reach the holy-grail of in-store marketing: real-time, highly-targeted, interactive in-store communication with customers.

Using technologies currently available in most smartphones, such as Bluetooth LE, businesses can run hyper-local campaigns that get triggered right at the time when the customer is within arm’s length from the actual product.

eConscierge and Customer Welcome services
Welcome your customers to your business and provide them with all necessary information to support their in-store experience.
eConscierge and Customer Welcome services
  • Show your customers a welcome message, providing location-specific info
  • Show them around with a detailed store map and pointers to the people who can support their in-store experience
  • In-store navigation, with route details and turn-by-turn directions
  • Promote your other digital assets with links to your website and social media pages
Proximity-based campaigns
Real time communication and instantly measurable results.
Proximity-based campaigns
  • Run in-store promos and instant-win campaigns that are directly tied to the shelf
  • Support your customers with instantly accessible product details and reviews, based on the user’s proximity to the product
  • Alert store visitors for new offers and product arrivals to promote buying
Μulti-tenant venue solutions
Monitor customers in large, multi-tenant venues, such as malls, and help them find what's important
Μulti-tenant venue solutions
  • Track user in-store behavior, and monitor their trail
  • Extract useful, aggregate statistics regarding store visits
  • Build B2B services for venue tenants, allowing them to use a single venue-branded app to run their location-based offers
  • Create a central marketing platform to reach out to users
Bring foot-traffic into your store
Let your customers discover and take advantage of special offers that bring them into your business
Bring foot-traffic into your store
  • Target your clients anywhere, bring them in-store and unlock special offers
  • Reward customer loyalty, by running in-store promos that are accessible only to repeat customers
  • Keep customers informed, keep them coming back