Multi location data management

Diverse multi-location info, centrally managed

The task is not easy. Even with only a handful of locations, every point of interest might require keeping up to date something like 20 different types of info, and propagate every change in that data to several directories and on the brand’s owned media. With even a single change taking place every month, the task can easily get out of control.

Improve data accuracy
We host and maintain local marketing data for enterprises with 100s of locations. Our tools enable quick and easy importing, organizing, correcting, cleaning, normalizing, and updating of all your location data.
  • Eliminate duplicative efforts, inefficiencies and spreadsheet juggling in your data management process
  • Increase scalability in number of locations managed and number of marketing channels supported without additional resources
  • Grow revenue by lowering location errors and increasing in-store visits and conversions
  • Improve brand consistency and loyalty by providing accurate location information
Increase depth and richness of data
Let’s Place makes it easy to add custom data for each of your locations including store hours, phone numbers, URLs, customized offers and calls to action, photos, videos, corporate approved messaging, and more.
  • Cost-effectively deliver more relevant content to prospects and customers
  • Expand locator pages from simple map and store hour information providers to marketing offer engines
  • Boost conversions, average order values, and per store revenue
Efficiently manage data updates
Our platform enables easier maintenance of frequently changing data such as daily promotions, holiday hours, special events, or new/relocated/closed location records.
  • Proficiently add or update new data with minimal resources
  • Ensure location data and marketing content is up-to-date
  • Cost effectively implement customized marketing offers and promotions by location