Local web & mobile landing pages creation

Serve your location data to the public

To win and keep customers, marketers need to create engaging and authoritative landing pages that will prevent competitors from luring them away with intriguing promotions and offers.

Without local landing pages and SEO, customer traffic may go to directories and review sites, where businesses have less control over their branding and messages.

Take over location search from business directories
Let’s Place empowers you to create unique local landing pages for every location – delivering content optimized for search engines to elevate your visibility within search results.
Take over location search from business directories
  • Improve the chance of your corporate local search landing pages to appear before generic business directory pages
  • Control the brand and message that appears when people search for your locations
  • Prevent your brand from being hijacked by 3rd party business directories that show competitive advertisements to people searching for you
Create web & mobile local landing pages
We provide a web content management system (CMS) and rapid-deployment templates for easy creation and publishing of store locators and individual, authoritative local landing pages for each of your locations. It also simplifies the process of augmenting your local content with internal information, frequently changing data, and 3rd party content.
Create web & mobile local landing pages
  • Create 100s to 1000s of enterprise-class landing pages quickly and easily
  • Improve search engine optimization for higher organic local search positions
  • Add credibility to your local landing pages with the inclusion of peer-to-peer reviews and ratings
  • Include ad tags, images, video and other reach media
  • Reduce IT support costs and delays with a hosted, best-in-class, constantly improving location page publishing platform
  • Support users on all devices with local landing pages optimized for web & mobile