Be correct

It doesn’t matter where users find it,
info regarding your business has an immediate effect on you

It is vital that multi-location businesses preserve customer trust by ensuring absolute accuracy in their online location information, no matter where that might be.

Keeping location info updated in a brand’s website is not enough. Information needs to be accurate everywhere.

Almost a third of consumers say that they blame the brand when they stumble upon wrong information on third party sites and directories like Foursquare or Google Places.

Fool me once, lose me forever

Consumers who lose trust in a brand when the online listing shows incorrect information.
Consumers who lose trust in a brand if they get lost walking or driving to a location because of an incorrect address listing.

Brands cannot afford losing either a potential sale, or, even worse, customer trust due to wrong location info. To win and keep customers, marketers need to create authoritative local landing pages and make sure that 3rd party listings are always accurate and up-to-date.