Be aggressive

Local data is the key to any successful mobile marketing campaign

Αs users are on the go, brands should move aggressively in order to keep them within their reach. Location info can be used to support highly specific and personalized marketing campaigns that target the user at a time when he is near the business, easily leading to a sale.

Local offers can be a big driver for sales, and users have not only grown accustomed to receiving such offers, but they are actively looking for such!

Keep the offers coming!

Consumers who like getting seasonal offers from local businesses.
Consumers who find it helpful when ads are personalized to their needs and interests.
Consumers who would go to a competitor if they received a special offer while searching for a specific business.

With users actively searching for better deals, businesses need to be aggressive, by running location-based campaigns, and reaching out to users with offers that can drive foot traffic into their stores.